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Executing an Event Has Never Been Easier

No longer do you have to go through emails, phone records, text messages, and meeting notes in order to piece together all the details for an upcoming event. With Vendly, when clients make changes, details are updated in real time. To execute, simply navigate to the client's details and print. Vendly provides you everything you need to know in order to execute the event flawlessly.


Lower Online Payment Processing Fees

Processing payments via 3rd party services can result in fees up to 2.9%, while receiving and depositing checks can be an inconvenience. Vendly has partnered with Stripe© to reduce processing fees and make it easy to send and receive payments on our platform.

Read more about Stripe.


Keep Clients On Track Automatically

With Vendly's deadline feature, clients are automatically sent a friendly reminder when there is an upcoming deadline for event details.

This allows coordinators to spend less time micromanaging clients and more time understanding a client's vision, or meeting with prospective clients. Either way, setting deadlines is an easy way to keep everyone on track and ensure no detail is overlooked.


Communicate & Collaborate with Everyone Easily

Planning a wedding is a collaborative experience. There are many people involved, who manage different elements of your special day. Keeping everyone on the same page is time consuming. Vendly takes this complex problem and simplifies it.

Communicate one-on-one with a vendor and share specific event details, or create a workspace to collaborate with your venue and everyone on the set up team.


Editing Event Details On The Go

We know ideas and planning can happen spontaeously, and being able to quickly save that information is important. At Vendly we fully embrace the conveniences of technology. That's why we create Vendly to not only work on your computer, but also tablets and mobile phones. Don't let your event planning be limited, plan anytime and anywhere with Vendly.


Manage Your Budget Properly

We know the importance of staying within a budget when planning a wedding, we also know managing that budget can be very difficult. With Vendly, your budget is updated as you work with venues and vendors. We provide you a detailed breakdown of everything you are paying for, thereby allowing you to stay within your budget while also planning your special day.

Core Components


Realtime Collaboration

There are often disconnects in the communication channel. At the core of Vendly we ensure everyone is updated in real time with event information.

Cloud Storage

Cloud Storage

No longer do you have to remember where every piece of information is saved. With Vendly all your information is available in one central location.


Notifications & Deadlines

Every detail is important and matters. Vendly helps make sure that all the information for an event are inputted and updated in a timely manner.

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