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Streamlined Wedding Collaboration

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Realtime Communication

There are often disconnects in the communication channel. At the core of Vendly we ensure everyone is updated in real time with event information.

Cloud Storage

Cloud Storage

No longer do you have to remember where every piece of information is saved. With Vendly all your information is available in one central location.


Notifications & Deadlines

Every detail is important and matters. Vendly helps make sure that all the information for an event are inputted and updated in a timely manner.

Wedding Venue

There wouldn’t be weddings without a venue. You are the key component and the most important decision in the wedding planning process. We know how communication can be a challenge between the client and other vendors. Because we realize and observe this, we want to make the planning process more collaborative and easier to access.

You, the wedding venue, are provided one location to manage all of your contacts, documents, finances, and more. We want to create an easier and simpler system that allows YOU to easily collaborate with your clients and efficiently oversee your business.

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